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Just remember the mass law. The more mass the object has, the better it will soundproof. Blankets will do little for noise reduction. They will help "deaden" the sound. But only to your ears from the inside of the room. Not your neighbors. They will help the reverb within the room, but not a whole lot for sound going through the walls. The denser the material, the better it will isolate sound.

Unfortunately, soundproofing is much more difficult and expensive than putting blankets up. And don't waste your money on acoustical foam, that will do nothing except change the way sound is reverberated off your walls. So you're going to need add lots of mass to your walls. The denser the material, the better.

In my basement, I just nailed thick pieces of wood to the rafters and the windows. It helped a lot, but it was a lot of hard work. But it didn't cost me any money. I live in a college city, so around move-in week I just wandered up and down the streets looking for furniture that people threw out. So I took many desks and couch cushions. I just cut up the couch cushions and stuffed them up in the rafters and then nailed a piece of desk to it. The desk helps with the high/mid range and the cushions with the low. That was just a half-assed budget fix though. You can still hear my band practicing from the street.

You might want to call an acoustician to help you out if you are getting noise control called.
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