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Help please

Hey , I recently installed a set of 81 - 85 on my guitar (bought 'em sepparetly so i had to do some modifications, i mean, not prewired as the Z W set), and i made a 2 vol independent and a master tone configuration on a epiphone explorer.

I took it at first with a stupid "technician" and he made the ground connections wrong and the 85 neck pickup sounded twangy as hell and u could hardly hear it was effectivly sounding..... after doing some research on that (i couldn't sleep knowing my guitar was sounding like real crap) I found out that the stupid tech put the 85 pickup "out of phase", after reading about the subject I moved the ground cables and fixed the problem.

Now the 85 neck pickup sound allright, full, nice, loud and beefy, but my problem is that there is a lot of difference of output level compared to the 81 in the bridge... many people has told me that it is normal since all the neck pickups always have more volume because of the possition, and because the 85 emg has more output than the 81 by deffinition... but after all the crappy connections the first stupid tech did to it, im afraid there's something else that would be fuckd up .....

Other thing i came up with, is that the guitar still has the same string gauge it comes from factory (9's) and that could be the reason for the thin, not loud sound from the 81 pickup....

The difference between sounds is more obvious when you are using the clean channel, when using a heavy dist u could hardly say wich pickup you are using...

Somebody knows if this is allright? somebody has the same pickup configuration? somebody knows if it is normal to have more volume output (notticeable) from the 85 pup?

Thanx a lot, any help would be appreciated!
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