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Originally Posted by SuspendedByTheThroat
I first mastered inhales, bad mistake because it made it harder for me to learn exhale vocals.

I even was in some lame band where I did inhale vocals of high mid and low tones.

I did the same. Inhales are still what I do best, but they aren't the pinnacle of metal vocalism. My inhaled gutturals sound like something out of a dinosaur's irritated colon after he ate a spicy meal. My exhaled gutturals, however, sound more like a geriatric man pushing a loaf into his depends... a.k.a. "bad". I'm hoping one day to achieve a guttural sound like that of Abominable Putridity or Malodorous, or other bands with a more "clicky" guttural sound. I can inhale click easily(but I hear that it's hell on the vocal chords) but I still don't understand how the guys in Malodorous and Abominable Putridity can do that going out...the muscular control involved eludes me. Maybe I'm just a mutant and cannot control the certain muscles in my throat that would allow for such a gurgling, yet sharply clicking guttural. Any suggestions on how to produce such a vomitous sound? I asked the vocalist of Malodorous(and like 30 other bands) for any tips. He offered me this less-than-intelligent advice: "Dude, you just gotta sound like an angry monster." Oh, is that all? I'll must go on an expedition to piss off some monsters, brandishing my sony field recorder. How would you recommend I go about angering said monsters? A sharp stick perhaps? Maybe I could make fun of the monsters' love for sub-par deathcore breakdowns? In all seriousness though; if you have any helpful advice on how to add that clicking sound to a low gut I would greatly appreciate it.
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