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This is indeed a helpful guide. I'm fairly new to death metal vocals; I started as a drummer. In my last band I used primarily inhale style and after practicing almost everyday for 9 months straight, I have become able to project my inhaled vocals louder than the other vocalist can do his exhale death growls. However, I am trying to teach myself the exhale technique of gutturals. Because the inhale technique is taking it's toll on my vocal chords, and lessening my lung capacity(so says the doctor). I have found in my practice that the exhaled technique is much harder to perfect than the inhale, but I have this advice to offer: If you already have a firm understanding of the inhale style, you can take the same throat flexing point that you utilize while breathing in, and apply it to exhale guts to add that extra "gurgle" or "froggy" sound. Also, using the diaphragm in reverse for inhale guts is how I am able to project my vocals so loudly. I can hold the microphone pretty far from my mouth and still sound loud as fuck. But as I said; it will ruin your vocal chords if you don't do it with an open throat.

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