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emg 89s

hey guys, yeah im new so sorry if i sound like an idiot but here goes: i really want to put active pups in my prs se (v.1) so im thinkin definately emg 81 for the bridge, + i like the idea of the coil tap in the 89 so i can have the versatility of the 85 / SA... i'll probably get a technician to do it purely cos i know the guys in the store and they won't charge much

1. will the wiring etc of an 81 and an 89 (cos it has a push / pull thing to switch right?) fit in my one volume + one tone guitar, bearin in mind i keep the volume and tone at full anyway so i don't care what they get assigned to .. im assumin it will work but its good to check ..

2. how easy would it be for someone like me who's pretty new to fitting / changing things to take out the 89 and rotate it 180 degrees so that the single coil is right under the neck in the lowest position? - im sorta hopin it'll sound a bit nicer there..

3. is it always better to have the pickups as close as possible to the strings for both neck and bridge? i.e. my neck pickup is quite far away / low down, so should i make a point of telling my guy to raise it up?

sorry if this stuff is pretty basic
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