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Originally posted by memnoch

I bet the majority of their fans ARE in wombs!! hehe, j/k.

But about the lyrics being meaningful.....i agree....somewhat. Not all the lyrics are meaningful, like shit from Limp Bizcrap is horrible, every 2nd word is fuck. But some songs by other bands, maybe 1 out of every 5 songs, has lyrics which today's youth can relate to. Like Korn's song about the girl being raped by her dad. Stuff like that happens a lot today, and if kids see singers singing about it and people of their status who can relate to such horrors, then it makes the kids feel better. I do think the majority of nu-metal type stuff appeals to kids from about 12-15 years old, for the most part. I think at that age the kids like to hear or listen to stuff they can relate to, and know they aren't the only ones going through those hard times....big musicians have also been through it.

Now, as for why i don't like nu-metal. NO SOLOS!!!!!!!!!! Well, not really......i really love Incantation (death metal) and in a few of their songs, there are no solos, and the songs still rule. But other things i don't like about nu-metal is how the bands seem to do anything for money. Each nu-metal type band that comes out releases a cd every year or two, cause they just seem to want to keep making more and more money. Usually the first albums are the best, then because they force themselves (or the writters) to write more music fast, the music's quality goes down a lot.
Another reason is i like heavy sounding music. Maybe 5 years ago when i was starting to like music, i loved stuff like Silverchair and BushX, cause it was "cool" back then. But over the years, my taste in music has gotten heavier and heavier, to a point where anything in standard doesn't appeal to me anymore. I also like the singing in death metal....big growls that immitate power and rage. I'd prefer Corpsegrinder anyday over the Sum41 guy!! But anyways.......i hope that answers your question wannabe....i don't feel like writting anymore!

Actually...YES! See, that was great. You backed up your statements with logical info. Finally, someone did what I've been saying for a longest time. See, guys, watch and isn't that hard. That was well spoken, and windy. I like long statements like that. The ones with some gurth to them usually have a good point. But you do have the occasional longwinded bird dropping post. I hate those. Plus, you added humor and stated your opinion nicely. VERY NICE.

Do I sound like your English teacher yet?
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