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You care too much about random dude's dicks. Though I'd be with you if they were doing it to other people.

Wasn't that bad. Hardest bit to watch for me was the dude chiseling off his own finger, which didn't seem to fit in except that it was extreme self-mutilation for no apparent reason. It may have been more effective because they zoomed in for each subsequent chisel, or because there was a bone in there he had to have been very determined to get through. It might have also been that I have had a lot of injuries to the hand but very few to the ol' cock and balls.

Funniest bit was the dude electrifying his own dick and cumming, though that might very well be a natural reaction. Apparently when a man is hanged he cums in his pants, in addition to shitting in them.

I actually think that some shit with reasonably good prosthetics would have affected me more, if it had been shot and cut well. Or if any of these people had bothered to put in some effort with the camera. Which brings me to another thought: why videotape it at all?

I think the answer is so we can have something to do.
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