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Originally Posted by Inaphyt
Researching slightly into black metal i discover gorgoroth which is mostly bad music but i have respect for the band i can imagine enjoying a live show immensly.

I also now understand that for the more extreme black metal acts it's not about the music it's about the message spreading satanism across the lands and it seems to be working judging by the media coverage (several christian churches raised by varg vikernes).

I would say it takes quite alot of confidence and knowledge in order to make such bold claims despite having 99.99% of the world disagreeing with your sole purpose, so the respect comes from free speech, but something i don't understand is whether your preaching or "anti" preaching against christianity is your life not still being controlled by it?

i remember from a swedish documentary that most of the bands aren't necessarily satanic, just anti-christian because of the way the religion was forced upon their early people groups. Many black metal groups believe nordic mythology and many of them aren't anti-christian or satanic. They just love their culture and their traditional beliefs in the mythology of their homeland.
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