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Originally posted by Kiniric
It has happy riffs and voices and stuff. I like either darker stuff, like black metal, or heavier stuff, live death metal. Nu-metal is just a bunch of sell-outs that want money and prostitute themselves to the masses of people. Their lyrics are complete shit if you have ever heard any of them. I have listened to one song from (ugh BARF hitting self) linkin park. Their lyrics could have been written by a 10 year old girl that watches mtv and is mad at her parents. yes I did actually listen to one of their songs one time, and I thoughrilly regrett listenning to it.

OK. (rubs hands together in anticipation) Let's compare, shall we? We'll go by your standards. You don't like the "happy" riffs and the voices. As in...the lyrics are distinguishable and the words actually audable. Just making sure, you understood and comprehended what you just wrote. "Their lyrics are complete shit"? As opposed to to what? "I'll rip your head off and rape you you cunt faced whore!" Those are quality lyrics there, let me tell ya? No, a ten year old could write that shit. The lyrics to a lot of NU-Metal is actually meaningful. And kids can Empathize with it. The lyrics are quite unique actually. Yeah al ot of it gets old and cliche, but Death Metal has been like that for as long as I can remember. And does everyone notice how the age of the group who watches MTV gets younger and younger? "The twelve year olds...the ten year olds"...I wonder if they will still be in the womb in the next round. Admit wanted to say they don't solo, and therefore they suck...didn't you?

This is ridiculous.
mr. wannabe
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