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My rig is shit, so I thought I'd post my old mans bass as some people in the bass section mentioned that they would like to see photos when I described it. 1976 Fender Precision 5-string fretless, maple neck, swamp ash body. He's given it a few modifications over the years :

- Converted it to a 5-string himself a ten years after he bought it. Added an extra tuning peg, new bridge, new nut and 2 more string trees.

- Changed the stock pickups to DiMarzio in 1987 then changed them to Bartolini's (active) which are still in there and sound fucking awesome.

- Changed the pickguard more times than he probably even remembers.

- Added two thumbrests.

- Added a toggle switch.

- And an LED light to remind him to unplug during breaks as not to run the active battery down.

Photo 1
Photo 2

Beautiful thing, fucking heavy too
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