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Originally Posted by Valtiel
As far as your Tone pot is concerned, you can just stick with a regular 500k. The tone pot value has much much less impact than the Volume pot value. I think the Tonezone could benefit from a 1meg ohm pot, although I would see if you can find something around 600K for the PAF pro. It might get a bit bright.

Oh wonderful, because I have a 500k push pull pot for coil tapping that I wanna install as the tone pot on that guitar with the TZ and PAF pro.

The PAF pro is slightly above 8k and according to that site 1meg pots are meant for 8k-12k pickups. I'll follow your advice and get something in between 500k and 1 meg for the paf pro if i can find it. But it shouldn't be bad if it's 1meg since it's in the neck position I guess?
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