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Originally Posted by the_bleeding

Now, about the description of it being good for high impedance pickups. This is because high impedance pickups mean they have more winds which means they have more bass and mids and less trebel. Therefore using a higher impedance pot will bring otu that trebel. If you, on the other hand have a low impedance pickup, it will be a trebley pickup to begin with, and therefore using high impedance pots will make it toooo trebley. The ones who documented 1meg pots sounding "harsh and trebley" were the ones who build fender tele's back in the day with the 1megs instead of the 250k's they have today. So of course it will sound harsh and trebley, you're using low impedance single coils :P

Awesome, I think I'm going to get a 2meg pot for my guitar with a Tonezone and PAF pro, the tonezone is a really dark overwound pickup with 17k or so, hopefully the pot can sharpen out it's upper mids a little more. One question though, the PAF Pro only has about 8 or 9k dc resistance, would the 2 meg pot make the PAF pro sound excessively as well? Maybe I should just get a 1 meg pot so they'll both be within acceptable limits?

Edit: LOL nevermind I forgot I could just use a 2 meg pot for the TZ, and a 1 meg for the PAF pro, forgot my guitar has space for 3 pots. By the way, in conjunction with high meg pots, why kind of pots should I use for the tone control? A high 1 meg pot too or a plain old 500k for the tone? I always keep the tone knob at 100% but I still want to have it available.

I'm trying to find an audio sample comparison of a guitar with a 500k pot and one with a 1meg or 2meg pot, can anyone point me to one?

So that's why people suggest 1meg pots for long cable runs, it gives a boost to the guitar's output volume/gain.
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