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okay, i wish i had the graph for this, but i dont. Basically, the higher the value of pot, less current is bled off to ground (we all know this). Pot value describes the resistance between the pickup and ground when it is fully open (set to 10).

It wont make them trebley and shitty sounding, it will actually just open it up more. More bass, more mids, more treble, especially mids and treble. And as we all know, a general increase of all frequencies is seen as an increase in amplitude, also known as volume, and in the case of a first stage in an amplified situation, gain. What this means is less compression (volume wont be leveled off as much), it will sound more organic, and also due to the increase of general volume, it will sustain more. May i note, that tonally, you wont notice more bass, you will notice more volume and more treble.

Now, about the description of it being good for high impedance pickups. This is because high impedance pickups mean they have more winds which means they have more bass and mids and less trebel. Therefore using a higher impedance pot will bring otu that trebel. If you, on the other hand have a low impedance pickup, it will be a trebley pickup to begin with, and therefore using high impedance pots will make it toooo trebley. The ones who documented 1meg pots sounding "harsh and trebley" were the ones who build fender tele's back in the day with the 1megs instead of the 250k's they have today. So of course it will sound harsh and trebley, you're using low impedance single coils :P
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