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1meg and 2meg volume pots?

I came across this:

Replace the volume control in your electric guitar with the Torres 1 meg pot and medium to high gain pickups become stronger, louder, and have wider frequency response.

Cool and EZ mod. Recommended for pickups with resistance/impedance between 8,000 ohms and 12,000 ohms. Above 12,000 ohms the 2 meg pot is recommended.

Hmm, is this true? Does it really increase your gain? Doesn't it also make your pickups sound really bright and harsh? It says for a pickup with more than 12k you should get a 2meg pot, I have a tonezone in a guitar that's 17.4k and I only have a 500K pot for it. :schocked:

Does anyone here use these high K pots and would you recommend them?
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