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Marshall 1960 A (straight cabinet) for sale

I want to rid myself of this 4X12 and pick up a 2X12, saves on space y'know. So, before going to ebay or any of my friends, is there anyone here interested in it?
It came with my JCM 800 for about 2 grand (2400 to be exact), not sure how they go seperate, and i'm willing to let this go for a ballpark of 500 USD. This cabinet new would be 900-1000 USD, as you can see here and here
I'd be lying if i said this was not used, and i do not know the exact day it was built. There is a tear in the back of about 3 inches that a little glue could fix up, but other then that it seems good.

If anyone is interested and wants pictures, PM me, or just write on this forum.
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