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Originally Posted by Soeru
I played a RG550 once with the wizard I neck and it enabled me to play faster than on anything else EVER. Get one and pop in some new pickups and you have a guitar with pro sound and playability. Other RG's are great, but try to stick to just the higher end Japanese made ones.

Amen to that. The neck on my 10 year old RG570 is the best neck I have ever played. I feel like it's MY neck, you know? I've been playing my Schecter C-1 for the past two years but I recently took out my RG and restrang it, and I never had more fun and ease playing. From then on I realized my Schecter wasn't going to be my primary guitar anymore so I bought a Xiphos instead, and I couldn't be happier. The Wizard II neck is fucking awesome.

I was telling Transient this the other day, but I played a Vigier Shawn Lane signature model (totally flat fretboard). OMFG. It was like a Parker and an RG's lovechild. So damn light and flat, like a heroin chic supermodel (but with better tone of course)
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