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See, i had a lot of trouble finding a neck pup that i liked. Because i had a single coil guitar for the longest time, i couldn't find a metal one. Then i found Dimarzio. Most single coils are passive by them (i say most ,because i don't know all of them off hand), and i use the 'chopper' in the neck of my hamer, which kicks major ass. Very silent, and picks up a lot, very easy to sweep without excess squeaks. Then in my strat, i use the YJM in the neck, and it speaks for it self, i mean, if Malmsteen uses it, it has to be good, haha.
But i have no idea how the single coil emg's sound, i heard that the single coil emghz was decent, but, don't take my word for it, i do not like using emgs at all
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