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Hypocrisy Syndrome

Been discussing shit that pisses me off, politics and religion... might sound lame/stereotypical but that's where I get a lot of emotion [see:hate] and it's become somewhat of a muse.

Hypocrisy Syndrome

some are born with it forever
many can live on without it

for those that live with this disease
never live to see a truthful day

an outlook so foolish and lost
they can't see it any other way

it's more than just one foul
it happens all the time

your hypocrisy has gone far enough
it's time to throw in the towel

accept that you're not right
there something in your dna

the lights are on but nobody's home
you've got hypocrisy syndrome

you've been wrong for so long
your point is long gone

you weren't right in the beginning you're not right now
i'll keep on standing while you continue to bow

p.s. I can't believe stupid fucking canadian citizens voting in the same fucking crooked politicians that have put us in such huge debt and has had so many scandals caught. Not to mention all the private grants [aka giving friends money]. Fucking hell, there are much better political parties out there than the fucking Liberals.
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