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Fuckin' AWESOME show. The Red Chord was terrible... could hardly distinguish one song from the other, no soloing, anti-heavy breakdowns... just downright depressing. Black Dahlia was good, kinda like a death metal version of Lamb of God. Better than I expected. GOATWHORE was way better than I expected, I was pleasantly surprised, seeings I've never heard the music before. The vocalist was getting pissed at the hxcx dancers, he actually said that there would be two songs left on their bill, and after one more song and calling the (what he referred to as) "kung-fu dancers" a "bunch of homos," they proceeded to exit the stage, leaving out their last song and any encore they may have done Cannibal Corpse was... well... Cannibal Corpse. They didn't let anyone down. Also said hello to Derek Boyer and his smokin hot girlfriend outside the venue.
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