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The Doctor's compositions

I have quiet a few, let's arrange them by genre.

Slijmkut & Nageboorte (Slimecunt & Afterbirth). A goregrind project by my and brother and me. Just for fun


Diep Gele Pus:


My mega-dream thrash band I really want to start. This is the only song i completely recorded. I still have a shitload of riffs lying around waiting to be used.


Me and my friends stoner project as a tribute to sabbath, down, kyuss, clutch etc.

Smoke up what you will:

Just finished this one, its a mp3 ripp of the RSE engine from guitar pro, but you get the idea:

Motorslet was my main band for a few years. We covered motorhead but we also had two originals, here are the live recordings.


A funky groove i recorded to get in music school. Never got in, but i like the song anyway, haha

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