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Uh I think while SotS spawned cookie cutters it shouldnt take away from the actual product, alot of the riffs hit high speeds and have melodies that are not upbeat, I've listened to alot of "melodic death metal" but as said, hardly any of it really fits melodic DEATH metal... I think of the few forebodings of that title can be Vehemence's God Was Created, Abramelin's Deadspeak, ATG's TRITSIO and WFIKTBD, as well as Unto Others -the most unorthodox song in SotS- but really take a look at the notes and their values, there's a motif in SotS with the 5 2 0 4 2 0, and so on; I think The Black Dahlia Murder's Miasma was a damn good album and can classify as Melodic Death Metal, at least it has some other styles of riffs, and darker tones, I hate the power metal w/harsh vocals mostly... norther bores the hell outta me, cob somewhat, but I love Kalmah... I liked Insomnium's Since The Day It All Came Down but thats it uh take DT's The New Build, that one's pretty deathy, but their newest output certainly is more 'industrial' or electronica ;(... I think real melodic death metal should be written like that (MDM) while the other melodic death metal and most common should be written in quotations and abbreviated.. (mdm)

"melodic death metal" (mdm) bands recommended:

Buried Dreams (best band everrrrr) -falls unto this category but has alot of diff elements-
Underthreat (second best everrr) -ditto-
Behind the Scenery -ditto-
At the Gates (Slaughter of the Soul)

Melodic Death Metal (MDM)

VEHEMENCE (god was created)
Abramelin (deadspeak preferably)
The Black Dahlia Murder (Miasma/Nocturne)
At the Gates (The Red In the Sky Is Ours through Terminal Spirit Disease)

those are all i know off the top of my head and... Wintersun and Ensiferum bore me rather =\... uh EToS is only melo-death in a few of their albums.. or the songs where its not all keyboards with just a buncha powerchords playingm so A Virgin and a Whore probably fits
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