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Originally posted by memnoch
I don't consider Rob Zombie, Static-x, Marilyn M, and other related bands gothic at all.......they're just mainstream garbage bands that try to get as much attention as possible. All these stupid bands sing about is killing jesus, which gets the media's attention, and all of a sudden they're on every cover of every magazine you could think of. (not literally speaking of course)

Cradle, however popular, isn't mainstream. They're popular because lots of people like them. And people like them because they are good. Cradle is very gothic, they're lyrics are brilliant and well chosen, the words seem like something from the 18th century sometimes. That is true gothic.

So.....from your standards, we should NOT listen to anything that is popular....meaning, listen only to the shittiest music you could ever find, cause no one would like it, hence it would stay underground and not popular. Right?

Ok. That's cool. But I disagree with one point. Cradle of Filth is not gothic at all. It's Black Metal. It is underground though. Just more people are picking up on them right now. Goth music (just Goth..that's it) is not metal in any form. I gave you guys the site. Check it out. I think all Death and Black metal is for shock value. None of it is real. Dani (or whoever writes) just is a bit creative, and tries to sound scary. It is pretty scary though. But they are a joke to the Black Metal comm.

Kirinic- where in the hell did you come up with Static X and MM for anything? Did the voice in your head whisper it to you? ()
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