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Also I think it's worth mentioning that I use retardedly high pick gauges. I think pick and string gauges are overlooked too much when they really have a big impact on playing fast comfortably.

The purple dunlop big stubby 3.0mm ones are like all I use nowadays, I just bought 2 dozen of em.

I used to use those purple tortex 1.14's and the light purple nylon 1.5's a lot but they flop and bend a lot when you use high gauge strings, the big stubby 3.0's are fucking impossible to bend though, and smooth, so you never feel like you're getting stuck on the strings, you just rip through with them with little effort. There's also the stubby jazz 3.0's which are exactly the same but with a pointier edge, haven't tried those. It'll sound like dull shit on low tunings with thin strings so consider trying stronger strings if it flops and sounds bad to you. I got a guitar in B with 59-13's(a 7-string set taking off the high E) and it sounds awesome with it, and my picking is practically flawless.

I wouldn't suggest it for anything that involves a lot of barre chord strumming though.
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