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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
You might even try using rubbing alcohol or peroxide instead of water.

A Peroxide solution is probably not a good idea. Any corrosion of the string is likely to be due to oxidation (like rusting) by the oxygen dissolved in the water. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidising agent and will probably exacerbate the problem. Water is not so much an issue during the actual boiling since gases are less soluble in hotter solvents, but if the strings are cold and wet for a long time this might be significant.

Drying your strings rapidly and thoroughly is a good idea though. Rubbing alcohol will dry faster than water, so rinsing off the water on the strings with rubbing alcohol or some other volatile solvent mixture would also help somewhat. This does seem a bit over the top though, I think the damage from sweating on them during a practice session is probably greater than that caused by them being damp after boiling.
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