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Usually when I go to shows its me and my best friend Lucky. He always drives, and I'm a damn good navigator. But we've had some bad moments. Going to Asbury Park from here was hell, because I got use screwed up in South Jersey, and they were doing construction in Asbury so we had to circle a few times before we found The Stone Pony.

Driving out of Philadelphia high after smoking with Through the Eyes of the Dead. Apparently the GPS I was borrowing didn't work inside, and decided to show us the route, but not in real time. So I got lost and had to figure out a GPS stoned. Lovely (thats not going TO, but coming home. Oh well).

I've been to so many damn concerts that I can barely remember anything specific. We've had some close calls where we missed a turn but fixed ourselves quick.
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The one time I go to check this thread, it mentions me getting fucked by a dude.

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