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Finger techniques

Until maybe 6 months ago, I played bass with a pick and insisted that anyone who said this was cheating or whatever was just a 12yr old idiot... well, after awhile I decided that I was just making excuses and decided it was time to learn to play with fingers. It was super hard at first, but now I think I am pretty consistent with it. I've been playing a bit of Death lately, and I think it's time to introduce that 3rd finger. I have no problem doing triplets/galloping rhythms with 3 (obviously it's easier than it would be with 2), but for 8th and 16th note runs I seem to be a LOT faster with 2 than 3, mainly because I count 1,2,3,4 with each stroke I do I think (and with 3 fingers that gets weird).

Any tips on getting fast/accurate with the 3rd finger? String swapping is a real hassle, also. For awhile I would sit on my bed with a metronome and just play open strings, putting it up 10bpm at a time as I could do it, and I did see some improvement... but for how long it took it really wasn't much! Are there any better methods that anyone here knows of?

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