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The Roddy forum isn't exactly great for me to hang around and talk with, I never really got to know anyone there. But if i ever have a question everyone always tries their best to help, even Derek will respond if he reads.
i have about 500 posts at the Sabian forum, there's a few metal heads there. It's really not as big of a forum as you would think, but like you guys hate also, there are people there who don't think that death metal is even music, so. I just talk gear there pretty much.

I wish the forum here was a little bit better. There are only 5 or so regulars here that are helpful. It's more of a forum where us guys answer questions for people who register quick for help.

If any of you guys go on the Roddy forum, my user name is DivineEmperor. On the Sabian forum I am The Emperor.

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