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I've played guitar for a fairly long time, and got into bass about a year ago now I guess... been taking it more seriously than guitar since the start of this year and love it.

So far this is my set-up:
Epiphone Explorer bass (no complaints here, I have friends with Warwicks who love this bass)

Elixer strings (those nanoweb things, definitely get them again)

Zoom B2.1u pedal (all I really use on this is the tuner and a bit of compression, I guess after my new amp arrives I will only use the tuner haha. Effects are fun to play around with, but that's about all)

Samick BA10 amp (this thing is terrible, it sounds like you have overdrive on if the volume is raised above 2 or 3. It is very old and beaten around though).

And about 3 weeks ago I ordered a 350watt Hartke head and a 4x10 Hartke XL cab with a horn. Every day that goes by I go a little more insane knowing that this is in a crate somewhere and I'm playing through a 10watt Samick.
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