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yeah, most drum forums are weird.

I never went to pearl forums, but others I have posted on/lurked are the same.

like, solid technique advice and stuff........but you have to wade thru a gazillion redundant threads,noob stuff and avoid the pitfalls of the "travis barker is the best drummer eva" shit.

this is not to mention everyone seems to hate music i dig and are unapproachable, unyeilding to any form of debate, usually.

I've been in some epic wars on drummerworld and there used to be some cool people over there who are from different parts of the musical spectrum, but I noticed their participation is greatly diminished by the flood of noobs and "hobbyists"

it sucks coz id love to post on a sizable drum forum<like as big as metaltabs> that had quality posters, real diversity instead of fusion/jazz guys who are snobs that let on like they are open-minded. I was on a private forum for a while but I lost my login password and even that kinda faded.

maybe i'll check out that roddy forum, granted his style isn't my thing and my tastes are moving away from the highspeed, metal/blastbeats kinda thing.
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