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Originally Posted by John Holland
Um ... yes. The one Soeru recommended actually, it costed 12 whopping smackers. I spoke with M-Audio today on the phone, and he did get everything configured so that the M-Audio was my soundcard ( So yes, their customer service is actually superb ). When I told him how much I paid for the firewire bus card, he suggested that I get a Texas Instruments one, and those range from 60-100$, undoubtedly its better quality.

That's the only thing I can see wrong with my setup hardware wise, at this point. If the Firewire Solo genuinely sounds worse than the onboard soundcard within a 60$ AM2 motherboard then no one would buy it. Think I should get a texas instrument card?

I think this goes to show what a minefield computers are. I'm running a 3 year old PC with Intel Celeron and a cheap non-TI Firewire PCI card and my recordings are great so far. Running up to 12 tracks on Cubase with effects and the sound quality is great. I was expecting a bigger fight to get a good sound, considering how much crap computers usually put you through

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