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Originally posted by *Def-Fx*
I would really wanna see you do that.

sure ill get my mic working then if you have msn ill show you the excercises i base it on

its 4 notes per every beep at 230 like this:

e-2-0-0-0--3-0-0-0--5-0-0-0--7-0-0-0--8-0-0-0--10-0-0-0--12-0-0-0 etc (in eminor)

its hardly an un realistic speed though, im not tryin to be big headed

if you have a metronome, go set it to that speed now and imagine it.. its really not that fast is it? considering master of puppest last oneis 16th at 220...

morons as if you slay me on something ive wrote as a response

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