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Budget Bass?

Ok well, since I'm doing a bit of recording now on my own I thought it would be cool to pick up a cheap bass. I've been playing guitar for years so I kinda know what to look for, but I'd just like some suggestions on what to get. I have a pretty low budget (around 100) and I'd rather buy used and get something better. The couple I have seen so far are the Yamaha RBX374 and the Vintage VB990. My requirements are pretty easy: A big fat humbucker and active circuitry. 4 string is fine, as is a 34'' neck (I'll put some beefy strings on it anyway to tune down). Also this will be recorded via some kind of DI'ing, NO amp. Any help would be appreciated. Doesn't need to do 'slap/funk' or any of that jazz just loads of low end to fill in the frequency gaps in my recordings.

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