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Originally Posted by sixsicsix
they all have time signatures, I can send you the actual tabs if you want them.

these aren't complete works, just enough to help my former band learn the basics of my song ideas so we can work to finish them.

Maybe you should find a adequate drummer if you think these parts are impossible, the insanely fast blast beats you're hearing was my attempt at putting a gravity blast into GP, if you have a better method please inform me.

lol obviously they all have time sigs in gp but what the fuck did you do just go 1/2 9/4 7/6 3/2 156/16 at random intervals? most the riffs sound totally random and boring. the parts come together to form random chaos which sounds like bullshit.

if you and your band can play this shit cleanly and audibly without fucking up every .2 of a second ill buy your cd on the spot but i already know you cant because the harmonies and riffs are just random notes [not random like dep and psyopus because they are actually good. id like to see chris arp play something like this because he probably cant]

im not just talking about the gravity blasts im talking about the near impossible footwork and cymbal work. also if you wanted them to be gravity blasts programme them as gravity blasts for fucks sake.

in closing, what im trying to say, is that this sounds like fucking shit, and it actually sounds like the first shit someone who was just given guitar pro for the first time would randomly make from lack of knowing how t ouse the programme and just seeing how fun it is to watch the numbers go really fast! i know how fun it is but try to not do this.

@bassist - cheers for the pointers captain obvious. and no, it isn't decent stuff condsidering it's midi. look at the old mans shit, far better and it's midi.
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