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Originally Posted by Infinity
impossible drums + no time signature + disregard for any song structure = not progressive, not wierd, just shit.

sounds like nile and cephalic carnage playing at the same time with john zorn thrown into the mix. this isn't a good thing. the only person on the planet that would want to listen to that is cannibalxampire.

admittedly the riff at 2:19 in autoerotic asphyxiation is cool

they all have time signatures, I can send you the actual tabs if you want them.

these aren't complete works, just enough to help my former band learn the basics of my song ideas so we can work to finish them.

Maybe you should find a adequate drummer if you think these parts are impossible, the insanely fast blast beats you're hearing was my attempt at putting a gravity blast into GP, if you have a better method please inform me.
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