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Originally Posted by Infinity
impossible drums + no time signature + disregard for any song structure = not progressive, not wierd, just shit.

sounds like nile and cephalic carnage playing at the same time with john zorn thrown into the mix. this isn't a good thing. the only person on the planet that would want to listen to that is cannibalxampire.

admittedly the riff at 2:19 in autoerotic asphyxiation is cool

the disregard for song structure is what makes it progressive. Technically prog. music really came into its own when the bands focused on not making songs, but making music that could merely be called art, hence one of its original genre titles known as art rock. This is definitely a ways from that, but is still decent stuff considering that it is midi. If it was finished i would consider to be somewhat progressive, and imo a mix between cephalic carnage and nile would be sick. Plus, songs don't technically need a set time signature, look at spiral architect.
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