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Actually, I covered the cover from Orgy. Dunno if that matters or not.

Well, soundclick NEVER replied back to my email; you're supposed to pay some sort of fee to the artist you cover a song from for everytime someone downloads one of your songs, and I was asking them if I didn't have that option available if I could still post it and not have to pay anything. Assholes.

AND THIS SITE WASN'T ANY HELP! 2.00 MB limit? ghey!

So, get it while you can. I dunno how long it stays up on this site. File Hosting sucks ass.

Keep checking for new crap.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
It's really sad, all those people who don't understand why we shouldn't act like our enemies. The real victory is not only killing and imprisoning the terrorists, but also letting civilized manners override the lust for revenge, once the battle is over.
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