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Originally Posted by Unanything
OK, but what about songs that just finish without reference to their whereabouts in the key? Like, for example, The Stillborn One by Necrophagist?

(#, A Minor) D[----------------------------------------] A[----------------------------------------] F[3/4\3-----------------------------------] C[------------5---4-----------------------] G[1/2\1---------7---1--/2\1-------1-------] D[------0-2/3-------2--/3\2-0-2-3-2-------] M PH_ M__ M____

Is that the cadence at the end I'm assuming? Because if it is, then that's a half Cadence. It's ending on an E Major chord, which is the V of A Minor.

EDIT: Sorry, I was thinking about this question once I had left the computer. Now that I look back at the piece you gave me, I believe the last chord before the Cadence could be a iv chord. The part that goes

(#, A Minor) D[---------------] A[---------------] F[---------------] C[---------------] G[-------1-------] D[-0-2-3-2-------]

I believe the chord before the V could be analysed as a D minor chord with the E being a passing tone to the 3rd of the chord.
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