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Originally Posted by crustcorestenchhead9
suspended, why do you want to argue with me? all you said is the opoosite of what i did, and thats it.....

if you cant sound like it without effects then you need to work on your techniqe. he doesnt use anything exept an echo at times, i can get mine as raspy as his and even raspier at times but that sounds like shit.

there was a video of a kid up here like a month or 2 ago doing a voice over of some immortal and i cant find it now, but he was real good. and he wasnt using a mic so it would show that its not an effect. im not positive it was immortal but it was the same vocal style. somebody know where this is?

I think you might be thinking of Bones98, but his vid was demonstrating his gutterals, not BM screams

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moonraven?....more like ass raven
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