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The Kool-Aid man will burst through the wall and beat both of them, before going on a rampage to end retro humor by getting Family Guy cancelled and murdering Dane Cook. Unsatisfied with his work, he destroys all copies of the recent TMNT and Transformer movies and threatens the lives of anyone who wishes to work on a new X-Men movie, unless it stars Gambit. I won't watch those fucking movies because I know Gambit isn't in them and because Hugh Jackman needed to put on about 200 pounds of muscle to look anything like Wolverine.

Back to the Kool-Aid man, who, of course, then discovers the internet and hacks and the occasional retro pages Maddox puts up with l33tz0rz h4ck1ng pixxx of his pwnage. He soon discovers this thread and tracks the IP address of 7-String Warlord, murdering him before he has a chance to procreate. It was nice knowing you, buddy.
Trust in god, he'll give you shoes!
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