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Originally Posted by Jopop
That sucks. But you should run the speakers / headphones off the M-audio thingie instead of the other soundcard.

And doesn't the M-audio thingie have builtin drivers in XP? Hmm.

Ok, I got it working. No, no built-in drivers.

And yeah, I plugged the speakers into the M-Audio, and everything is almost doing what its supposed to do. But ... the sound coming from the M-Audio is doing something off-kilter. My Realtek onboard sound card sounds WAY better, which it should'nt, and the subwoofer goes in and out as I turn the volume up and down on both the speakers and the M-Audio. The M-Audio soundcard also works intermittently.

Guitar Rig 2 sounds like shit ( The program seems to be CHOCK full of bugs ) and its at an extremely low volume compared to music, say, on Winamp. Guitar Rig 2's clipping point is probably on the same volume level with Winamp's settings at 10% volume. I've disabled the onboard sound and set Windows to handle background processes ( like ASIO ) better. Amplitube is doing something really weird : The sound on the metronome works, you can hear the hiss of the high-gain amp models, but its showing no input levels at all when I strum the guitar.

I'm at the "I JUST WANT IT TO WORK! PLEASE JUST FUCKING WORK!!! WAHHHHH!!!!" stage now. I'm very close to backing up all my music, accepting defeat and reformatting to 32-bit Windows and just use the Guitarport because it actually fucking works ( which makes me very angry since ... well, you know. ) Any suggestions?
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