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Originally Posted by crustcorestenchhead9
thanks, most of that makes sence. any tips on how to acctually zip it up....

Well... its tough. You have to learn a few things before achieving this... First off you need to learn to sing from your gut. You need to learn how to push the air up with your diaphragm, and not with your throat. Once you can do that, you need to learn to isolate the muscles your singing with. Ill give you a quick example, take a note on a comfortable pitch and hold it. While you do this, put a finger or 2 to your adams apple (larynx). Than slide the pitch up to your break area, and past it breaking into falsetto. I'm willing to bet any amount of money, that your adams apple will go up with your pitch.

This is a bad thing. Moving your larynx up is only closing the throat, making you have to push harder to get the air through, making ii hard on your throat, and giving a weak production. When singing properly, your larynx shouldn't move at all going from the bottom to the absolute top of your range. That is because really you dont need that muscle to produce the sound, your brain is just used to thinking up, so you move the larynx up aswell, blocking air flow.

When you learn to sing from your gut, you're able to keep your throat and face completely relaxed and let the pitch go wherever. Its after you can do this, that you can start working on adducting your vocal chords. Many excersies used to acheive this are simple tricking your brain to change its bad habits by using tighter vowels, and using consonants in the right place to let your chords adduct. Its really when you think about it that it starts to fuck up. Singing should be a 100% relaxed and painless process when done correctly.

I dont feel like typing out a billion exercises here... but i can give you some reference points to look into.

One is a program/style called Speech Level Singing (SLS) introduced by a man called Seth Riggs. Google that and you'll get a bunch of info on it.

Another good example is on youtube, there are a bunch of videos from a studio in seattle called The Vocalists Studio, and they teach the proper technique of singing there. the videos have a whol bunch of demonstrations. Here are a coupe of them to look at.
Has all of his videos you can take a look at.
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