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Originally posted by DerMeister
Somewhere in Germany. Not sure exactly where, but I have a feeling it's not too far from Holland, if that helps.

DUDE, i passed the Required ammount of Exams, i;m allowed to fucking go!

Sanders, Dermeister, nemo, Def-EX, i'm meeting you guys!!!
EXTREME NOISE TERROR ARE THERE! they are great (gian from CoF on guitars, there like Grind/death.)

dude, tis gonna go off! fucking right!!!!!!

I'm gonna fly there myself (current COA), Anyone know of an English speaking Taxi Service in Hamburg, that wont Rape me with ther german über Bodys...

Seriosuly though!
Holy fuck i'm going to wacken.

i can fly to Frankfurt (how far from hamburg???) from GLasgow for £20 Return, and i need a taxi or bus to take the the 20km from hamburg
then get a hotel.
Holyshit dudes!
well maybe for you ...maybe you don't know shit that's why - LØRD MALPHAS
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