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Cab enhancement is only the beginning of what I can do and by far the safest. Most mods are way to dangerous to post here. I know that no matter how careful I describe each step in an amp mod someone would die testing the waters and fumbling through my instructions for the first time. There are just to many details to account for. High voltage mods are not to be made by beginners without instructor observation. Several hours of safety training is needed before a potential tech ever opens a unit capable of killing; and this is without the unit even plugged in or energized. Under the right conditions, 30 mA is enough to kill a healthy human so safety is #1. If you want to mod guitar amps then college ET classes are a way to help gear your future If your a hardass fast learner then military service will uber boost the bell curve near cyborg learning levels but I do not suggest signing a military contact just to learn how to mod amps.

If shipping cost wouldn't kill the deal I would gladly mod your cab to your desired specs and wants. If you bring it to me I will only charge parts and beer cost... maybe $40-$50 total if you help me drink the beer. I will also be able to show you the finer points of the cab modifications I know about. The total process including glue cure times is about 2 weeks max, but I'm anal about every detail. When done the cab might look the same but it's reborn hard and bullet proof. What isn't seen is what counts the most with cabs.

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