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Flight for Freedom; Rogue Squadron

Guardian in the Making

Mandalorian Crusade

My Inner Thirst for Justice(Revenge) is Quenched

Pajir Ra Rohak; Canderous Ahliit Ordo

Rise Within;


Seduction of the Dark Side

Sodomy Conquest

Ubiquitous Mayhem; The Clone Wars

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Also, I was wondering if cover songs were ok to post in here.

Edit- None of these links will work. Proceed further down.

Keep checking for new crap.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
It's really sad, all those people who don't understand why we shouldn't act like our enemies. The real victory is not only killing and imprisoning the terrorists, but also letting civilized manners override the lust for revenge, once the battle is over.
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