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Originally Posted by Arsis
so if the time sig is 4,4 does that mean ther will be4 whole notes (or 8 half etc.)in the whole measure?

No, there would be 4 quarter notes, 2 half notes, 1 whole note. Say you have a time signature x/y, x refers to the number of beats per measure, and y refers to the type of note that gets one beat (2 for half note, 4 for quarter, 8 for eighth, etc..) For example, in common 4/4 time:

4 = 4 beats per measure - 4 = quarter note gets one beat

So in 4/4, a quarter note gets one beat, half gets two, and whole gets 4. Also, a eighth gets half a beat, a sixteenth gets a 1/4 a beat, and so on. If you look at something more complicated like 12/8, you have 12 beats to a measure and an eighth note gets one beat. So then a sixteenth note gets half a beat, a quarter note gets two beats, a half gets four, a whole gets eight. Hopefully that clears it up.
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