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Because the speakers are tuned for a different tonal range.

It sounds like shit. Playing to a bass rig is even more rediculous.

If you play in drop A and only hit fret 1,2,3 then it might work for you though.

Like I said in your last thread, I have an Engl SE, Powerball, Savage and I used to have a Blackmore as well.

- I use a Marshall 1960 with all my Engl's. Because most places we play gigs at have 1960's and I won't have to drag mine along. It's the 'standard' of cabinets and it just sounds pretty good plus THEY LAST. (mine looks like crap but it's still going strong after 6 years!)
Not the best cabs around IMO but they sound relatively good.

- The Engl XXL with v30's sounds pretty good, the regular cabs are ok but the XXL has much richer tone. Very defined and tight, heavy as a mofo though...

- VHT cabs sound incredible with my Powerball, haven't played one with the SE but I expect the same. Defined lows and fluid mid/hi and a lot of punch.

- The older Mesa cabs (with the 2xEV's and 2xV30's) sound awesome, hard to find though and expensive. Very deep and punchy, great mids but medicore high tones if you don't tweak them on the amp itself.

Many other cabs sound good, Bogner, Framus, Brunetti, Orange (even though they look silly), Soldano, Koch, Rivera, Cool & Elfring and Hi-watt. There's too many too name and all have their own tone, just drag the amp along to the guitar store and try them all.

You just spend about 3500 dollar on a new amp, so get out there and take the effort to find the best possible cab fitting YOUR style. That's your own job, don't take our opinions for facts..

And get some pics of that SE!!
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