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Originally Posted by \m/Eat At Joe's\m/
As far as song writing goes i think Hetfield was just as good as Mustaine, but in a different way. Metallica, as i see it, were more epic and emotional, Megadeth more technical and "sneering" in their attitude(not a bad thing).Both are great, Hetfield is no slouch for the sorts of leads he used to do, either. I think he's a lot more versatile than what he gets credited for.

I agree.
As far as that whole "cliff wouldn't have let metallica be shit", well, he was into REM before he died, and was into progressing....
So because he enjoyed listening to something other than metal, you think he would have eventually changed Metallica's style (rather than, say, have a side project to release music of other styles)? I seriously doubt it. Also, trend-hopping and progressing are two entirely different things.
I do not think they are changing so much for the money. They are rich already.
I can't imagine any rich man being so greedy as to want more wealth, even at the cost of his integrity. Oh, wait...
I was not a major St Anger fan, but I respect that. I think it was in fact NOT trendy at the time. The production was terrible, the vocals were out of tune, the album was actually too heavy to be trendy (yes, it was quite heavy in my opinion).
Trendy? No, though I do think this was Metallica's try at nu-metal. I agree about the terrible production and vocals, but you forgot to mention that it sounds like Lars is beating on a couple of tin garbage cans.
But it's important to stay current too.
My response to that is, well, as you said "good music never ages."
but you can't be stuck in 1986 either. I think metallica realise that .
So rather than stay true to one's roots, you should adapt your style to fit in to the now? Sounds like trend-hopping to me. I don't have a problem with progress. It's important to progress as musicians and as songwriters, but that should involve refining one's style, and possibly extending it, but not flat out overhauling it.
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