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Originally posted by CtHuLhU DaWn
Calling a band, Like children of Bodom "corny" is an insult to myself.

why? its just a band i hear you say.

Alexi Laiho has probobally forgotten more guitar techniques than you will ever learn.
Alexi Laiho is 21 and could own quite a lot of 2the best guiatrists in the world"

children of Bodom are essentially Baroque (music from 1600 -> 1750, Used Harpsichords, two composers were BAch and Handel, along with others.)
Children of Bodom are imahginative, Original and Talented.
Bite ... me!

check out decapitated... humans dust i suggest, there guitarist was 17 when they recorded that, hes 19 now, i can fairly say hes a legend

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