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Originally Posted by Metalhead_Dave
Okay, so I've recently been practicing the major scales and the different neck positions of them on bass. I remember a lesson my old guitar teacher taught me that showed five different positions on the neck of the C scale and how to play them and I implimented them on bass and expanded to every note. So I was looking around on scales and modes online and I saw that the way the scales were played were different from how I did them. I mean the notes were the same but the frets were different and there in one more note played on the scales I see. I'll try to demonstrate.

Here is the Ionian mode of the F scale.


And here is what I play, I was taught this was the fifth position of the neck.


I mean the key is the same but I'm playing it where I don't have to stretching to the 5th fret. The ionion mode has 12 notes played(Not all different I know) while what I play would have 11.

So am I half assing it and I should learn the traditional way to play the scales and modes or is this okay?

Someone get back to me.

honestly, practicing scales on electric bass is a lost cause.
do more finger independence technique, like the climbing diminished thing, and the spider technique.
You can only take scales so far, but the combination of excersizes you can come up with is endless.
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