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Learn your intervals solid first, and maybe your scales. So you know when something is a diminished 5th or an augmented 4th, for example/et cetere. Or indeed, diminished 4th and major 3rd. Hehe...

Learn the six triads first:

Suspended (2nd/4th)

Then get to grips with the sevenths:

Major 7th
Minor 7th
Dominant 7th
Minor Major 7th
Diminished 7th
7th Suspended (2nd/4th)
Major 7th Suspended (2nd/4th)

(Dominant 7th kinda be looked at as major-minor, if you want to pair it with minor-major. And there is no augmented 7th, due to an augmented 7th interval being the same as an octave or root)

I would also recommend the book 'Melody Chords For Guitar' by Allan Holdsworth, I can see it being real helpful for beginners, as well as the more experienced. I also have his book 'Reaching For The Uncommon Chord'. That'll blow your mind with the chords in there. A chord I saw in there was a C# 7/6 #9 b9 b5. I'm learning his song Tokyo Dream from it. It goes:

A 6/9, A maj6,
C# sus, C# sus b9...

(Note that Suspended chords are sometimes written just 'sus', instead of sus2 or 4, especially in some complex-harmonied music, such as Holdsworth's)

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